Premium coverage at an affordable price, with savings up over $11,000 per year if also enrolled in our Fuel and Shop Discount Program.



Gold Membership Benefits

Moving and Non-Moving Violations

Let our experienced attorneys fight your personal and commercial moving and non-moving violations as well as serious accident charges like vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide. Our attorneys will also help you challenge pre-existing citations, and, we’ll handle the court hearings so you can keep driving.

 Fuel and Shop Discount

Pro-Driver members are eligible to save at the pump with our fuel and shop discount. Sign up for the program, purchase fuel at any participating location in our nationwide network and see the savings. On average, participants save $960 monthly!

Legal representation

No Handling Fees

As a Gold member, you won’t incur additional fees for commercial moving and non-moving violations or CSA and DataQ challenges.

CSA and DataQ Challenges

Our provider attorneys work hard to protect your license from almost all types of violations nationwide. Whenever they get your violations dismissed, amended or reduced, we will file a DataQ challenge to get point reductions on you and your company’s CSA scores.

Comprehensive coverage

Personal Matters and
Roadside Assistance

Pro-Driver members receive 25% off a provider attorney’s rate for business and personal legal matters like wills and divorces. Members and their spouses have access to emergency roadside assistance in their personal vehicles.

Optional AD&D Coverage

Drive with peace of mind knowing you have up to $50,000 of accidental death and dismemberment coverage. Choose the level of coverage that meets your needs with driver-only, driver and spouse or driver and family options.

Additional benefits

Worldwide Travel Assistance

You have the power of our travel assistance program to manage unforeseen circumstances. This comprehensive program provides you with professional, multilingual, 24/7 emergency medical assistance services worldwide, including emergency evacuation and repatriation–services whenever you are traveling 100 miles or more away from your principal residence.

Travel Planning and Rewards

With TVC Pro-Driver, you can save even when you’re relaxing. Our members enjoy exclusive deals on car and vacation rentals as well as discounts at thousands of restaurants and hotels.