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500,000+ truck drivers served over the last 30+ years
Exclusive VIP Member Benefits
  • FREE SiriusXM All Access Subscription
  • Free CSA Challenges
  • Lowest Pre-existing Ticket Handling Fee—just $199
  • Highest Cash Appearance Bond—Up to $500
  • Highest Bail Bond—Up to $500 for up to $10,000 bail bond
  • 10% of up to $10,000 Police bail bond
  • Highest Reward Points—700 at sign up and 300 per month of active membership
  • Highest Personal Passenger AD&D
  • Highest Theft Reward-$1,000
  • Spousal Coverage

Protect Your CDL and Your Career

Get $0 out-of-pocket access to the most comprehensive legal protection plan available—the only one with 1 MILLION violations reduced or dismissed.

You’ll have access to top-rated trucking attorneys who will handle all of your new tickets and violations for $0 out-of-pocket cost, saving you thousands of dollars and avoiding court time.

We’ll handle every new violation for FREE:

  • Non-moving violations
  • Moving violations
  • Serious traffic violations
  • CSA challenges

Plus, we’ll handle any pre-existing tickets you have for just $199 each and CSA Challenges for no extra charge.

Protect yourself and your career with
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