ProMiles and TVC Pro-Driver

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Improve accuracy, efficiency and compliance with ProMiles Fuel Tax Reporting

TVC Pro-Driver is excited to be partnered with ProMiles. ProMiles helps the transportation community achieve regulatory compliance by providing industry‑driven and user‑centered solutions for fuel management and tax reporting.


“I think that ProMiles is software that no driver should be without.”
– J. Koronka

Accurate and Efficient

The ProMiles Automated Fuel Tax Reporting system uses ELD and GPS data to build pre-audit, compliant trip records within its industry-leading Routing Engine.


How ProMiles Supports Your Success

  • checkmarkIntegration with ProMilesOnline for truck-specific routing
  • checkmarkIntegration with over 40 ELD/GPS products
  • checkmarkIntegration with most major fuel card providers, with fuel purchase import option
  • checkmarkIncreased accuracy with the elimination of paper Trip Sheets and manual data entry
  • checkmarkAutomated calculations and validations to instantly generate IFTA, IRP and Mileage Tax reports
  • checkmarkView of state mileage breakdowns, IRP summaries, and MPG information
  • checkmarkManagement of tax rates including split tax rates, tax holidays, etc.
  • checkmarkSeparate toll miles and track N.Y. thruway toll miles, to be excluded from NY HUT
  • checkmarkEnsure data accuracy through ProMiles’ Validation and Correction Services
  • checkmarkData archival for seven years or more for review, modification and approval
  • checkmarkUser education and ongoing training and support by experts dedicated to customer success
  • checkmarkAudit Support Services for consultation and representation before, during, and after an engagement

ProMiles imports required fuel purchase data from most major fuel card providers and assigns the data to trips to calculate IRP percentages and create State/Provincial IFTA and Mile Tax reports.


TVC Pro-Driver and ProMiles are with you every trip and every mile

Interested in improving accuracy, efficiency and compliance with ProMiles? Call (866) 904-4058 or fill out the contact form below, and a representative will be back with you shortly.