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Free representation on moving violations (commercial)

$25 handling fee

Free representation on moving violations (personal)

Free representation on non-moving violations (commercial)

$25 handling fee

Discounted representation on pre-existing citations (commercial)

Free representation from vehicular manslaughter & negligent homicide charges

Free CSA challenges on successful violation reductions or amendments achieved by our provider attorneys

$25 handling fee

Free representation (up to 2½ hours) for personal damages collection (commercial)

Free representation (up to $250) for auto damages collection (personal)

Free representation (up to 2½ hours) for driver's license protection (commercial)

Free representation (up to $250) for new car warranty enforcement (personal)

Loss Protection Program

$1000 theft reward

Accident insurance (up to $5,000)

$50,000 accidental death benefit

Travel Planning & Discounts

Free custom maps & trip routing

Free car rental discounts

Free hotel/motel discounts

Free vacation condo rental discounts

Free worldwide travel assistance

Both Plans Above Include

Emergency Roadside Assistance Program

Emergency towing service

Emergency road service

Emergency travel & living expenses (up to $750)

Ambulance service (up to $100)

Emergency room locator service

Bond Payments Program

$200 cash appearance bond (commercial)

$5,000 police bail bond (commercial)

$325 arrest bond certificate (personal)

$325 premium reimbursement (personal)

"Ya'll have been very excellent to me. The money I pay for the services has been good and I'm glad to be a customer of yours. I wish these things could be rated higher because I would give you a 10 plus. Thank you."

Paul Payne, Los Angeles, CA Violation: Speeding 60/35 Outcome: Dismissed

"I want to say thank you to everyone who worked my case. Everyone at TVC went above and beyond to get the best result for my case. Thank you again."

Roger Causey, Chandler, AZ Violation: Cellphone use in CMV Outcome: Amended to equipment violation

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