TVC Pro-Driver is the #1 Way to Protect Your Job, Your CDL, & Your Livelihood

Our affordable legal plan made specifically for truck drivers is the #1 way to keep your record clean, so you can keep on doing the job you love.

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"Rest assured knowing that your license is being protected by some of the best CDL lawyers in the business who have your best interest at heart."

Joe from Austin, TX Violation: Following too closely Outcome: Case dismissed
Success rate of getting violations reduced or dismissed
Nationwide Coverage in All 50 States
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Truck drivers helped since 1988

Protect Your Paycheck

As a professional driver, you know this better than anyone else: you're much more likely to get a ticket than the average driver. You're on the road all day, plus you're subject to more laws and stricter guidelines.

And the scary news is...all it takes is 2 serious violations for your license to be suspended for 60 - 120 days, which means you​ won't get paid for 2-4 months (if you are lucky enough to keep your job and your truck).

That's why it makes sense to invest in a reputable service like TVC Pro-Driver to protect your license and your right to make a living. You'll get nationwide coverage in both private and commercial vehicles. (We even cover your spouse in their private passenger vehicle.)

TVC Pro-Driver Keeps You Rolling

As a CDL driver, you must contest every violation—because all it takes is 2 serious tickets for your license to be suspended.

Fortunately, with TVC Pro-Driver you can contest violations more easily and successfully than ever before—keeping points off your license so you can make a living. Just let us know when you get a violation and we'll put a local CDL attorney on the case!

Protect Your Paycheck

Rest assured knowing that your license is being protected by some of the best CDL lawyers in the business who have your best interest at heart.

Peace of Mind

Get the most comprehensive protection available for truckers, including bail bond, accident protection, roadside assistance & more.

You Don't Have to Stop Working

If you do get a violation, we'll have a local attorney contest it for you—which means you can keep working, rarely having to attend the hearing.

$50,000 AD&D

If you're seriously injured, disabled (or worse) in an accident, we've got your back with up to $50,000 in AD&D coverage.

Nationwide Coverage in any Vehicle

We're on call 24/7 in all 50 states, plus Canada. You're covered for both commercial and personal vehicles.

Covers Your Spouse, Too

Our non-commercial benefits extend to your spouse, giving your family roadside assistance & protection from unfair violations.

"Thank God for the best. Literally you all are responsible for me still having CDL's."

Rickey Allen, Amarillo, TX Violation: Speeding 83/75 Outcome: Case dismissed

"Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. I am satisfied and now I know I'm not just wasting my money and time in dealing with you. Thank you very much."

Aider Lomidze, Dayton, OH Violation: Speeding 60/50 Outcome: Dismissal following 90-day probation

"I just spoke with one of your representatives named Stephanie and I want to compliment her on her knowledge of the circumstances I presented to her. I thank her very much for her thoroughness. I have been very happy with the service that I have been provided."

Lamar Gay, Spring, TX Violation: Failure to maintain single lane Outcome: Amended to no point violation

Your License is Your Livelihood. Protect it With TVC Pro-Driver!

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