TVC Pro-Driver Benefits

TVC Pro-Driver specializes in protecting professional drivers while also saving them money. Our competitive benefits give you access to legal services, major fuel and shop discounts, personal vehicle coverage and more.


Legal Representation

TVC Pro-Driver’s nationwide network of experienced provider attorneys has worked more than 900,000 violations, and we’re ready to fight for you. We cover moving and non-moving violations, pre-existing citations and even serious accident representation.

* With every dismissed, amended and reduced violation handled by our attorneys, we include a free DataQ challenge.

Pro-Driver members also receive 25% off a provider attorney’s normal hourly rate for other legal matters, including simple wills, divorce, bankruptcy and more.

Fuel and Shop Discount Program

Owner-operators and small fleets are saving, on average, over $11,000 per year with our Fuel and Shop Discount Program powered by Expediter Services. Participating fueling locations include several of the major truck stops, ensuring you can save on fuel when and where you need it. Learn more at

Owner-operators can also use their fuel card for merchandise purchases and ATM cash withdrawals.

Extended Cab Perks

TVC Pro-Driver partners with trusted organizations to offer exclusive Platinum benefits like discounted tires, commercial roadside assistance dispatch, factoring and insurance referrals. As a TVC Pro-Diver Platinum member you can:

  • Purchase discounted tires at multiple locations across the country.
  • Receive commercial roadside assistance dispatch. We’ll connect you with our nationwide network of service providers offering jump starts, lockouts, flat-tire assistance and towing for your truck!
  • Get access to easy and secure factoring services. With freight factoring services, you’ll get paid before your invoice is processed, giving you capital to enhance your business.
  • Find the best specialty insurance for your truck. Members can choose from a variety of companies and policies to find the right coverage.

Beyond the Road

With TVC Pro-Driver, you’re covered even when you’re not in your cab. Through your membership, you receive benefits such as personal vehicle towing, roadside assistance, emergency living expenses and ambulance services after an accident. We also cover your spouse for emergency roadside assistance and violation representation in their personal vehicle.

You’ll also enjoy thousands of dollars in dining, travel, hotel, merchandise and entertainment discounts. With over 70,000 participating restaurants and 25,000 discounted hotel properties, you’ll find savings nationwide.

Bond and Loss Protection

If you’re put in jail as the result of an accident or violation,** TVC Pro-Driver provides bond payments to get you out and back home to your family. Membership includes a $200 cash appearance bond and $5,000 police bail bond for your commercial vehicle, as well as a personal arrest bond certificate and bail bond premium reimbursement.

Your membership also includes optional accidental death and dismemberment coverage and rewards for theft information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who steals your owned or leased vehicle.

*Members are responsible for fines and court costs. Not applicable when charged with any drug or alcohol-related matter; driving without a valid operator’s permit, license or tag; a felony; leaving the scene; past-due citations; parking or environmental charges; appeals or warrants.

**Limitations and exclusions may apply. See contract for details.