About TVC Pro-Driver

TVC Pro-Driver has over 30 years of experience protecting drivers’ CDLs and providing valuable benefits, which are saving Platinum members an average of $1,000 each month!


Our Coverage. Your Protection.

Since 1988, our nationwide network of experienced CDL provider attorneys has fought to keep our members on the road, protecting their licenses and livelihoods. TVC Pro-Driver is the only legal protection service dedicated to professional drivers, providing coverage in all 50 states and Canada for moving, non-moving and serious accident violations.

With our owner operator and small fleet Fuel and Shop Discount Program, you can enjoy exclusive savings, averaging $960 per month. With these major savings on fuel and preventive maintenance, plus tire discounts, factoring services and roadside dispatch, TVC Pro-Driver Platinum saves you more than $12,000 per year!

Additional benefits include bond payment assurance, loss protection coverage, nationwide rewards and travel discounts. We offer multiple plans to fit your coverage needs. TVC Pro-Driver makes your life easier, saves you money and gives you peace of mind on the road. 

Our Services

TVC Pro-Driver protection plans keep you rolling and save you money. Our three extensive plans offer varying levels of coverage and benefits to meet your needs.

Best investment for complete protection. Save more than $12,000 per year with our valuable benefits and Fuel and Shop Discount Program!

Premium coverage at an affordable price, with savings up over $11,000 per year if also enrolled in our Fuel and Shop Discount Program.

Most affordable plan with our basic TVC Pro-Driver benefits and access to fuel and shop savings.

Protect your license and your livelihood with TVC Pro-Driver