Truckers Voice in Court (TVC) has served more than 500,000 professional drivers for over 30 years. TVC Pro-Driver is the only BBB-accredited legal protection service dedicated to professional drivers, providing coverage in all 50 states and Canada for more than one million moving, non-moving and serious accident violations.

Drivers trust TVC Pro-Driver to protect their CDLs, challenge CSA points and provide effective legal representation. In addition, members save an average of $7,800 at the pump annually when they enroll in the Fuel and Shop Discount Program. With TVC Pro-Driver on your side, you’ll drive with peace of mind!


We help you save on legal representation, fuel, tires and more – meaning you can spend your money where it matters most.

$54.95 PER MONTH

Save more than $1,000 a month!

$48.85 PER MONTH

Save more than $900 a month!

$31.90 PER MONTH

Basic benefits with handling fees.

Protect your license and your livelihood with TVC Pro-Driver!

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