TVC Pro-Driver 4885 Plan

Our most popular plan offers comprehensive coverage and massive discounts, keeping points off your record and keeping you on the road.

$48.85 / Month

Membership can be tax-deductible.

"Rest assured knowing that your license is being protected by some of the best CDL lawyers in the business who have your best interest at heart."

Joe, Austin, TX
Violation: Following too closely Outcome: Case dismissed

Get the Best CDL Protection Available with the TVC Pro-Driver 4885 Plan

When you sign up with the 4885 Plan, you'll be getting our best. Our best lawyers, our best discounts, and our best benefits--all designed specifically for CDL drivers like you.

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Attorneys Who Fight Hard to Protect Your CDL

Your CDL is your livelihood, which is why our national network of CDL lawyers work so hard to protect you from every type of violation - moving or non-moving, personal or commercial, in all 50 states (plus Canada).

We use local attorneys who have a great success rate of getting CDL violations reduced or dismissed.


Free representation on moving violations (commercial)


Free representation on moving violations (personal)


Free representation on non-moving violations (commercial)


Discounted representation on pre-existing citations (commercial)


Free representation from vehicular manslaughter & negligent homicide charges (commercial & personal)


Free CSA challenges on successful violation reductions or amendments achieved by our provider attorneys


Free representation (up to 2½ hours) for personal damages collection (commercial)


Free representation (up to $250) for auto damages collection (personal)


Free representation (up to 2½ hours) for driver's license protection (commercial)


Free representation (up to $250) for new car warranty enforcement (personal)


25% discount on other legal services (commercial & personal)

Save Thousands of Dollars In Bond Payments

If you're put in jail as the result of an accident or violation, we'll pay to get you out--so you can get back to your family and sleep in the comfort of your own bed.

$200 cash appearance bond (commercial)

$5,000 police bail bond (commercial)

$325 arrest bond certificate (personal)

$325 premium reimbursement (personal)

Free Emergency Roadside Assistance Program

You and your spouse will get access to all these services & discounts while driving a personal vehicle--and it's all free:

Emergency towing service

Emergency road service

Emergency travel & living expenses (up to $750)

Ambulance service (up to $100)

Emergency room locator service

Loss Protection Program

When you're on the road all day, you're at a greater risk of theft and other misfortunes. That's why TVC Pro-Driver offers benefits to protect you from theft, accidents, and more:

$1,000 theft reward

Accident insurance (up to $5,000)

$50,000 accidental death benefit

Travel Planning & Discounts

Need help finding a route, paying for a hotel, or getting a rental? Your 4885 Plan membership entitles you to free benefits & discounts designed to help make your travels a little easier.

Free custom maps & trip routing

Free car rental discounts

Free hotel/motel discounts

Free discounted vacation condo rentals

Free worldwide travel assistance

"Thank God for the best. Literally you all are responsible for me still having CDL's."

Rickey Allen, Amarillo, TX Violation: Speeding 83/75 Outcome: Case dismissed

"Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. I am satisfied and now I know I'm not just wasting my money and time in dealing with you. Thank you very much."

Aider Lomidze, Dayton, OH Violation: Speeding 60/50 Outcome: Dismissal following 90-day probation

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Our 4885 Plan gives you the most comprehensive CDL coverage available anywhere. Sign up today to keep points off your license, save money, and protect your right to make a living.

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